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Carrier Series (Numbers 1-4), 2021, inkjet print.

These miniatures are built upon threaded, collaged handcrafted images that are captured digitally. In consideration of 2020/21 and how our movement and communication has been restricted in many ways, my use of threads relates to processes of binding and unbinding which can be both comforting and unsettling. I have used paper stencils of pigeons in this photographic series with reference to their innate homing and messenger abilities. These early, nostalgic forms of live communication are contrasted with our online forms of fast communication, and speak of connections and longing for tactile relationships with one another.

To be exhibited with other artists in a letter press drawer, as part of 'Restriction', March 2021, Clayhill Arts, Somerset, UK. Curated by Amanda Lynch, Correspondence Collective.

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